Donna Reis


 DONNA REIS ColorVision's™  Founder DONNA REIS, Certified Chromatologist, is  internationally recognized as an expert in the field of Chromatology (the study of color and light on all living things). Donna developed the only non-programmable aura imaging camera on the world-wide market today. She is an author, teacher, and international speaker.  What is an Aura? By definition the aura is the energy field or "Life Force" that surrounds, encompasses and permeates all living things.  The human aura is similar to a force field protecting and vitalizing every cell and organ of the body. This glowing energy has been called an "electric blueprint". The aura's spiraling vibration field can be seen, felt, and interpreted. Though very few are able to see the aura in all it's glorious detail and vibrant colors, anyone can see or sense the area of the aura lying closest to the physical, i.e. electromagnetic field.

Aura Photography and it's Benefits. The ColorVision Aura Imaging Photography is a double-exposure process that allows you to see the aura in all it's vibrant living colors, as it surrounds and encompasses you. Scientists say we can influence the "Life Field" with our minds and our wills. This type of photography provides a visual image of how we are functioning mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  This brings understanding.  


Improving your life, one color at a time

What is ColorVibration?

 ColorVibration provides information and products which use Color and Light for healing, personal and spiritual development.

What is the Importance of Color and Light?

  • Interest in color and light dates back to the ancients in Egypt and India. Many temples in Egypt were devoted to the chakras (energy centers) of the body. The Ayurvedic texts of ancient India recount the Gods using colored light to heal the body and to inject life force into food and water.
  • This makes the principles of Color Healing, Auric Healing and Auric Reading as old as all of recorded history.
  • The return to the simple principles of Color Healing is important to us today, as healthcare costs skyrocket. Remember, Color Healing is inexpensive and easy for the individual to use and master!

Have any Doctors Researched and Used Color Healing?

  • In the early 20th century, a medical professional, Dr. Dinshah, developed and promoted a system of Color Healing which was used by hundreds of Dr.'s and Surgeon's all over the US and Europe. He even defended and won lawsuits pressed by the FDA and the AMA in the late 30's, whom attempted to shut him down. Although he was later forced into bankruptcy due to the legal fee's, his system is still used by many hospitals and clinic's throughout Europe and Asia today.

How does this relate to the Human Aura?

  • Color Healing, also known as Vibrational Healing, uses the different frequencies of light to inject energy into the Aura's energy centers (Chakra's) and the Auric Field. This acts like a vitamin for the energy fields of the body and can speed healing, promote general wellness, and your emotional well-being.

How can I use these Color Healing Principles?

  • Doing simple things like wearing colored glasses, solid colored clothing, and energizing your drinking water using colored gels can make a dramatic difference in how you feel. Flower Essences and essential oils also can be used as well as colored light with good effect.
  • These principles of Light and Color can also be applied for spiritual healing. Injecting Color into the Auric Field, you can heal the spiritual causes of Dis-Ease for Auric Healing. You can, with training, use this information to do Aura Readings as well.

How is Color used to do Aura Readings?

  • An aura reading is actually an interpretation of the strength of the color vibrations being radiated by the auric field. Where your body is generating and absorbing the various frequencies of color can tell a trained Chromatologist what is happening with your body, spirit and mind.

Color Vibration® Color, Flower Essences & Essential Oil

  • Benefits Essential Oils:  Contained in the semi-oily resin produced by essential oils are healing properties.  Learn about these properties and why they assist in healing.  Understand why you enjoy some smells and resist others.
  • Benefits of Flower Essences:  The principal of flower essences is much like that of homeopathics.  Learn how flower essences address profound issues of emotional well being, soul development, and mind-body health.  Includes:  Color Vibration® Guide to Flower Essences 

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