LightStream Productions  is a dedicated team joining forces to provide opportunities to raise human consciousness.  As we move into the third millennium, there's a renewed focus on all things spiritual.  Through our mission and charter, we will enable spiritual messengers to reach audiences ready for learning and, in turn, will provide requested learning opportunities for public and corporate audiences searching for wisdom.

The 'LightStream Network'  is a dedicated group of Authors, Lecturers, Musicians, Vendors and Web-sites who are working together to provide you a secure source for information and quality products.

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LightStream Media full service recording and authoring of CD's, DVD's and Books

LightStream  Media -  Provides full AV Services.  Recording, Video, In-house duplication & Publishing.  Meet our artist!

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      * AGAPE The Intent of The Soul

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Al Bielek
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Art Martin

Britta Marbs
Carrie Shubert
Charlie Wayne Watson
Chief Sonne Reyna
Dannion Brinkley
Dave Hall
Dianne Moore
Donna Reis
Dr. Chris Lowe

Dr. Christian de Quincey
Dr. Darrell G. Yardley
Dr. John Hagelin
Dr. Leonard Horowitz
Dr. Marilyn Schlitz
Dr. Steven Halpern

Eagle Soaring
Eva Herr
Evelyn Rice

Halina Kacicki
Jelaila Starr
Jenna Catherine
Jesse Wolf Hardin

Jonn Serrie
Judy Collier
Laurel Savoie

Lisa VanderBoom
Peter Hill
Rebekah Dunlap
Rev. Michael Beckwith
Paul Perry
Rhiannon Waits
Robert Perala
Roy Mills

Sarabeth Hearon
Terri Amos
Tony Trupiano
Tricia McCannon
Trudy Griswold
William Henry
Wind Hughes

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LightStream  Media  provides  a  full  service  business  arrangement  for   Authors  /  Lecturers.

Lecture Tour Management

Manage logistics for individual and multi-speaker lecture tours.  Book venues, manage speaker schedules, travel, logistics, and promotion at the local market.

Book Signing Management

Manage logistics for individual and multi-author book signing.   Book venues, manage schedules, travel, logistics, and assist the local host in promoting the event in local markets.

Travel Programs

Organize, manage, and lead national and international group travel tours with in-demand authors and speakers to various sacred locations for spiritual questing and learning.  Complete package management.

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